New Faster Shipping on All Orders
Posted by Alan Perez

New Faster Shipping on All Orders

We are pleased to announce that as of Nov 2nd, 2016, Dily Dalee Co is upgrading the shipping on all orders anywhere in the world. The new shipping method will get you orders to your door within 12 to 21 business days. All orders will have tracking numbers that will show delivery right to your door. So now you can watch your package travel to your door.

All orders prior to Nov. 2nd were shipped by Yanwen shipping from China and we ran in to slow delivery problems. We were told that most packages would be delivered within 3 weeks time. As we watched the packages we shipped, we found out that they were not living up to that promise and in reality a lot of the packages were taking 30 to 60 days after the ship date to get delivered. We apologize for that bad experience and it will not happen again.

We are very confident that the new delivery service will get you your packages on time.

Why Does it Take so long for Deliveries?

It is because they are custom made to order and then shipped from our warehouse in China. Formally Yanwen tracking ends when the package leaves China, The new ePacket delivery will also track orders in China as well as the United States, so you will have proof when your package was delivered. Once a package leaves China and is put on a plane, they will land in the US or other destination country, and they are then sent to the customs office for clearance, next they are then be given to the normal postal delivery system. This take some time and we never no for sure an exact delivery date. 

The ePacket deliveries get cleared from customs faster and will get delivered quicker. We look forward to getting your orders to you faster than before, we appreciate your business.